Why use a private cloud?

A private cloud is often chosen because it offers the same levels of security and control as an on-premises IT set-up but also offers the peace of mind that access is completely limited to authorised users only. This can appeal to businesses with sensitive data such as in banking and finance, government, healthcare, and any business that needs to comply with data privacy or regulatory requirements.

Finally, a private cloud allows for higher levels of customisation and can deliver better long-term savings over unpredictable monthly billing costs. Organisations can mitigate capital expenditure in hardware by using a hosted private cloud service, where equipment use mirrors that of a leasing model using the latest technologies.

Advantages of private cloud

  • Implementation of cloud services on resources that are dedicated to your organization.
  • Typically, your organization owns and controls the resources/assets, definition of services, costs and risks.
  • Supports one customer.
  • Doesn’t utilize shared infrastructure.
  • Suited for information that is sensitive.