Full of possibilities

Cloud Servers come in set plans of three distict variety, General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory. Each of the configuration plans provide the same top of the line performance with emphasis on different requirements.

Rich in features

High and consistent performance

Powered by enterprise-grade CPUs and enhanced by our in-house developed storage technology. Our Cloud Servers leave the competition in the dust with our General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory plans.

Easy and flexible scaling

Get started quick and easy with the resources you need, then scale up in just a couple of clicks as your business grows. No need to overprovision services, easily change between plans and plan types to scale as required.

Security taken seriously

Highest level of security upheld by maintaining the latest security updates and strict access control at each of our physical locations. Your cloud services are kept safe and secure.

Separations of compute and storage

At Trust Data Center, your computational and storage services are separated on independent backends allowing instant restart on new hardware in the event of hardware failure.

Complimentary Firewall service

Secure your Cloud Server using the complimentary L3 Firewall service positioned just before the network interface connecting your Cloud Server to the internet.

Linux and Windows

Use one of the freely available Linux templates, create your own from a backup or upload and boot from your own custom ISO. Alternatively, pick from the latest Windows Server versions.